Talaria TWOTM Solutions

Application Development Kits to Accelerate Your Product Design

  • Some Designs Need Low Power
  • Some Require High Throughput
  • Some Need Both
  • Some Need an End-to-End Integration

Our ADKs and Reference Design are optimized for hardware, software and form-factor outlines so you can focus on your product’s key advantages. The pre-packaged Talaria TWO kits get you to market faster with unmatched performance. See Our ADKs »

ADK solution kit smart video example

Wi-Fi Camera ADK

Wi-Fi Camera ADK With AI, Deep Learning, Cloud Connectivity, And Battery-based Operation

STM32L4 + Talaria TWO

Quickly Integrate Wi-Fi & Cloud Connectivity to Existing STM32L4-Based Designs

Sensor-to-Cloud ADK

Talaria TWO sends sensor data to the cloud, runs on 2x AAA’s for over 2 years!

Microsoft Azure Cloud Connectivity

Complete, pre-validated solution for Microsoft Azure

IoT Device Provisioning using BLE5 Software Solution

Allows Easy Provisioning of IoT Cloud-Connected Devices

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Connectivity Solution

Quickly Connect Your Design to the AWS IoT Core


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