M&P Electronics Signs Distribution Agreement With InnoPhase To Market and Sell Its Talaria TWO Wireless Multiprotocol Platform

Offering Italian IoT Product Manufacturers The Award-Winning Ultra-Low Power WiFi and BLE Modules

San Diego, CA, October 15, 2020 – InnoPhase, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in extreme low-power wireless IoT solutions, signed a distribution agreement with M&P Electronics, a leading specialized distributor of IoT and wireless connectivity solutions, headquartered in Italy. M&P Electronics now offers InnoPhase’s Talaria TWO wireless modules and development boards, giving product designers access to emerging technology for next-generation ultra-low-power products in the consumer, industrial, medical, security, energy and smart city markets.

M&P Electronics was founded to support Motorola M2M in 2008. As a value-added distributor, they have deep knowledge and experience selling semiconductors, electronic components, wireless products, modules, and systems.  Now available to order from M&P Electronics, the InnoPhase INP1010 and INP1011 Talaria TWO modules, provide complete solutions with wireless connectivity plus an integrated microcontroller for edge-of-network IoT designs. The highly integrated, multi-protocol single-chip platform includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity for wireless data transfer, an embedded Arm® Cortex®-M3 microcontroller for system control and user applications, and advanced security elements for device safeguards.

The modules can operate in stand-alone mode, in conjunction with an external microcontroller, or in a hybrid mode where the system control and processing responsibilities are shared between the module and an external microcontroller. The modules are ideally suited for battery-based, direct-to-cloud devices in smart home automation and commercial applications such as smart door locks, remote security cameras, and connected sensors.

“We are delighted to partner with M&P Electronics to promote the Talaria TWO modules as they have extensive relationships and success selling wireless semiconductor products to customers in Italy,” said Greg Winner, Vice President and General Manager of the IoT Business Unit, InnoPhase.

“We are proud of this engagement with InnoPhase. We always had a strong focus on emerging technologies, and Talaria TWO wireless multiprotocol modules, with their unique digital polar radio, represent the lowest power WiFi solution available in the market,” said Maurizio Maluta, General Manager of M&P Electronics.

To learn more, visit https://www.mp-el.com/en/. As an authorized distributor, M&P Electronics is dedicated to bringing emerging products and technologies to customers, accelerating their time to market.

About InnoPhase
InnoPhase, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a fabless wireless semiconductor platform company specializing in extreme low power wireless IoT solutions. It developed the award-winning, Talaria TWO™ multi-protocol chipset with the world’s lowest power Wi-Fi radio using a unique, programmable digital polar radio architecture. Customers are using it to create a wide range of innovative wireless products and solutions for the rapidly growing battery based IoT market. For more information on InnoPhase, visit innophaseinc.com.

 About M&P Electronics
M&P Electronics, founded in 2008, is a specialized distributor in IoT and Wireless Connectivity.

M&P is accustomed to look to the future and emerging technologies that are key in enabling modernization of applications in many end markets.

Their experience in the semiconductor and electronic components market, technical, commercial, and logistical skills are the values they put in the field.

M&P brings added value to customers by helping them in reducing time-to-market, turning ideas to products, identifying the most suitable technologies and services, optimizing development cycles, supporting product testing and approval phases, and ultimately reaching the common goal of a successful product launch.

Media Contact:
Linda Ferguson
Marketing Communications Director, InnoPhase


Giulio Maluta
Marketing Communications, M&P Electronics


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