Smart Video Application Development Kit

Talaria TWO Modules and Ingenic T31X Video Processor

Integrated Video Solution Enables Quick Evaluation and Fast Development:

  • Deep Learning / AI for Smarter Edge-Processing
  • Makes “Vision as a Sensor” Possible
  • Cut the Cord – No Wires Needed
  • Amazing Battery Life Achieved by a Unique Dual-Stack Implementation
  • Easily Add Device Provisioning over BLE using Talaria TWO’s multiprotocol Wi-Fi + BLE


This Smart Video ADK completes the difficult task of integrating high-performance video processing with Wi-Fi connectivity to create a low-power system enabling batteries to last more than a year.

The platform uses the Talaria TWO Wi-Fi modules with its unique digital radio to achieve ultra-low power cloud connectivity and the Ingenic T31X Video Processor with high-performance image processing and deep-learning algorithms.

ADK Core Components

T31 image

Ingenic T31 Video Processor

  • CPU: Ultra high frequency, up to 1.5GHz, Vector Deep Learning accelerator base on SIMD128, RiscV independent lite core
  • Video Encoder: H.264/H.265/MJPEG encoder, Maximum 2592*1920@30fps
  • Starlight ISP: Dedicated optimizations for low light and surveillance scenarios, Upgraded 2D / 3D noise reduction, Distortion correction
  • AI Algorithm: Supports deep learning algorithms
    with high precision and good flexibility - Human detection, Facial detection/recognition, Cry detection, Vehicle detection, Pet detection
  • Memory: Capacity of 512Mbit or 1Gbit
  • Audio: Integrated Audio Codec, Support I2S
    Interface, Echo cancellation
INP1014 Image

InnoPhase IoT Talaria TWO Wi-Fi+BLE

  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n, up to MCS7 Single-stream (1x1)
  • BLE: BLE 5.0 w/ Advanced Features: 2Mbps PHY, LE
    Coding (Long-Range), Extended Advertising
  • Frequency Supported: 2.4GHz
  • Application Processor: Arm Cortex-M3, 80MHz
  • Embedded Memories: 512KB SRAM, 2MB Flash
  • Peripheral Interface to T31: SDIO
  • Power Consumption: Ultra-low power Wi-Fi to
    maintain internet/cloud connectivity for
    battery-based products
  • Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi: 57uA (DTIM10), 31mA (Rx,
    802.11b), 81mA (Tx, 802.11n)
  • Optimized Software: exclusive “Dual-Stack” SW
    implementation shares processing responsibilities between Talaria TWO and T31 to reduce system current consumption to the lowest level

Talaria TWO interfaces with the T31 over SDIO using a Linux Tunnel (TUN) interface. Command and control of the Wi-Fi and BLE wireless connections is easily done using standard Linux commands.

Current consumption is optimized by a unique Dual-Stack software design that shares processing responsibilities between the network processor and the video processor, allowing for either extended battery life or increased AI processing of the video image.

Application Detail

The camera will be in one of two key modes:

  • Wi-Fi Idle Connected Mode
    • Talaria TWO is connected to Wi-Fi router/AP, processing beacons and sending Keep-Alive messages as needed
    • Ingenic T31 Video Processor platform is completely powered-down
  • Active Video Capture Mode
    • Ingenic T31 platform actively capturing of High-Resolution / 30fps video and passing it to Talaria TWO over SDIO
    • Talaria TWO sending large data packets over high-bandwidth Wi-Fi to the internet

Battery Life Evaluation

Asset 2

Scenario Details:

  • Video Capture: 1080p @ 25fps, H.265
  • 6 video capture events per day
  • 10-second video capture length
  • Wi-Fi – DTIM10, 3min Keep-Alive

Active / Idle Comparison:

  • Wi-Fi Idle Connected: 99.93% per day
  • Active Video Capture: 0.07% per day

Battery Consumption Breakdown:

  • Wi-Fi Idle Connected: 30% per day
  • Active Video Capture: 70% per day

Battery Life Results:

  • Battery: 3000mAh @ 3.6V battery
  • Life Estimation: 1.16 years (14.4 months)

Kit Contents:

Integrated Solution:

Individual Components:


Lumissil / Ingenic T31X SNIPE Platform

Visit Lumissil for more info and product documents.

Talaria TWO Micro SDIO Board

Talaria TWO SDIO Board

Includes INP1014 Module. More detail on the Talaria TWO Modules page.

INP3000 Programmer / Debug Board

For programming the INP1014 Module and print messages over USB.

Getting Started

Smart Video ADK Access

Contact InnoPhase IoT at to request an initial demonstration.

Kits can delivered to customers for evaluation (although quantities will be limited).

Note: Access to the InnoPhase IoT SDK requires signing an NDA and Development Tools License Agreement

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