STM32L4 MCU + Talaria TWO Wireless
System Development Platform

Quickly Integrate Wi-Fi & Cloud Connectivity to Existing STM32L4-Based Designs

Harness the combined capability of STM32L4’s low power processing power and Talaria TWO’s ultra-low power Wi-Fi for cloud connectivity to create incredible edge-of-network IoT products!



The Talaria TWO software expansion for STM32CUBE is a fully contained application for interfacing STM32L-series MCUs to the Talaria TWO Wireless Modules. It consists of application software for the STM32Lx MCU to create ultra-low power Wi-Fi edge-of-network designs for battery-powered, direct-to-cloud connected IoT products.

This package supports the InnoPhase IoT Talaria TWO Wi-Fi + BLE5 Wireless Modules (INP1010/INP1011/INP1012/INP1013).  These easy-to-use, integrated modules are mounted on the Talaria TWO EVB-A (INP3010/INP3011/INP3012/INP3013) boards for quick evaluation and development.  See the Talaria TWO Modules webpage for documentation on the modules and evaluation boards.

The expansion pack software includes a serial interface application running on NUCLEO-L433-RC-P that enables SPI or UART communication with the Talaria TWO Module EVB-A. The serial application simplifies the module interface for various functions, including:

  • Control: setup/configuration, message send/receive, sleep/wake
  • Wi-Fi: scan, connect/disconnect, power management, RSSI, counters
  • BLE: HCI command support, GAP/GATT profiles
  • Sockets: client/server, UDP/TCP, send/receive message
  • mDNS: setup/stop responder, add/remove service
  • Cloud: MQTT messaging, Publish/Subscribe, AWS & Azure Examples

Also supported is the NUCLEO-L4A6ZG, which includes the same functionality as above but scrambles the serial communication between the MCU and Talaria TWO for added security.

Software Detail

InnoPhase IoT Host API (HAPI) software commands are integrated into the existing STM32L4 code and accessible through function calls.  Once called, the STM32 MCU will send a message over SPI or UART to Talaria TWO.

Talaria TWO receives the messages, interprets the commands and takes action.  Wi-Fi connections, BLE usage and network communication are all managed within Talaria TWO.

The process of creating WiFi Cloud Connected devices is simplified to straightforward function calls within the STM32 MCU.  For example, connecting to a WiFi network uses the command:

hapi_wcm_connect(hapi_wcm, ssid, passphrase)

Connecting to AWS uses the commands:


The software is applicable for interfacing and Talaria TWO module with an STM32L4 MCU.  Complete example applications are included to further expedite evaluation and development.

Creating cloud-connected products using STM32L4 and Talaria TWO could not be easier!

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Getting Started

Purchase a Talaria TWO Evaluation Board of your choice from one of our Distribution Partners

Download our Evaluation Software package for accessing:

  • STM32L4 HAPI code to integrate into your existing application
  • The associated Serial-to-Wireless application to program onto the Talaria TWO module

Start making new, incredible products that are cloud-connected and ultra-low power consumption!!

Contact us at if you have questions or need help.

Solution Contents


Talaria TWO EVB-A Board Supported

Custom PCB Reference Hardware Included

Form-Factor Accurate Hardware/Housing Included


Pre-Compiled Binary Example

Modifiable Source Code (after registration)

Smartphone App for Configuration & Readout (for Wi-Fi Provisioning over BLE)

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