Talaria TWO Matter v1.2 Certified
Wi-Fi Solution

InnoPhase IoT’s Matter v1.2 certified Talaria TWO™ is an ultra-low-power Wi-Fi module targeted at battery-operated sensors, doorbells, door locks, lighting, thermostats, and other Matter devices. Talaria TWO’s Free RTOS based SDK with integrated Matter 1.2 protocol and cloud connectivity stacks, accelerates TTM for smart home Matter device customers:

  • Standalone & MCU Hosted modes using Talaria TWO
  • Multi-Fabric Administration Support
    • Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google Home & Samsung SmartThings
    • Voice control of the devices
  • Interoperability with existing Matter certified devices
  • Device Discovery & Commissioning

Application Detail

Talaria TWO Matter stack is based on the open-source Matter stack maintained by Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA). The Matter stack is available as part of the Talaria TWO FreeRTOS SDK package. You can use the Matter solution in two different modes:

  1. Standalone Mode: Talaria TWO with an integrated Cortex-M3 based application processor, peripherals, SRAM and flash memory can be used to build a complete Matter certified product. Matter protocol stack, networking and cloud connectivity and the custom Matter application will use the Talaria TWO application processor unit. For e.g. Matter certified light switch or motion sensor device.
  2. Hosted Mode:When the smart home product has HMI, motor control or other capabilities which may require an MCU (host) to handle these requirements, Talaria TWO will offload networking and cloud connectivity function as well Matter protocol stack from the MCU. This frees up the host MCU for your Matter application and enables a scalable architecture where Talaria TWO can be paired with MCUs with range of performance and memory capabilities depending on application requirement. This architecture will simplify your Matter application development and certification across different product SKUs.

    Matter protocol stack on Talaria TWO interacts with the Matter application on the host MCU using the SPI interface and provides a ‘c’ API interface (HAPI) and HAPI libraries on the host MCU. InnoPhase IoT provides the SDK package for the supported MCU host platforms.

Kit Contents

InnoPhase IoT Talaria TWO Evaluation Board
(includes INP1014 module with PCB Antenna)

Serial cable (micro-USB cable)

Serial cable (USB C type)

INP3000 rev 4.0 (SWD) Programmer Board

Tag connector

Black magic board

Ribbon cable

Quick Start & User Guides

InnoPhase IoT Low Power Matter 1.2 Solution

Getting Started

Talaria TWOTM Wi-Fi/BLE based Matter Devices

Contact InnoPhase IoT at to request an initial demonstration.

Note: Access to the InnoPhase IoT SDK requires signing an NDA and Development Tools License Agreement

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