IoT Device Provisioning using BLE5
Software Solution

Allows Easy Provisioning of IoT
Cloud-Connected Devices

  • Includes Talaria TWO sample code and Android smartphone app for quick
    evaluation and development
  • Smartphone app connects to Talaria TWO™ device over BLE
  • Easy entry of Wi-Fi Network Details using smartphone keyboard


The IoT device provisioning solution uses Talaria TWO’s BLE5 functionality to quickly set up a Wi-Fi connection for your device. Typically, sensors, thermostats, smart locks and other smart devices with limited keypad or touch screen inputs have had a challenging initial setup. They often require a wired connection to a computer to complete their installation setup. This obstacle is removed by using Talaria TWO’s Wi-Fi provisioning application. End customers will have a much better user experience installing their Wi-Fi connected products.

The solution includes two pre-packaged components:

  1. Talaria TWO software to enable the initial BLE connection for capturing the Wi-Fi credentials and then using that information to connect to the Wi-Fi network.
  2. A demo Android application for entering the network details via a smartphone.

With all the necessary tools provided, developers can accelerate the design and launch of products that require a simple method for Wi-Fi connection.

Application Detail

In the standard demonstration, the sample application provided creates a BLE GATT profile and service which is then used to provision a connection to a Wi-Fi network.

  • A custom InnoPhase IoT Android application is downloaded onto the user’s smartphone.
  • The user launches the InnoPhase IoT Talaria TWO Download Tool provided with the InnoPhase Talaria TWO SDK.
  • In the GUI window of the Download Tool, the user selects the appropriate EVK serial number from the drop-down menu and loads the “ble_provisioning.elf” file (also delivered as a part of the SDK).
  • The EVK Flash is programmed by hitting the PROG Flash button in the GUI window. When the EVK is initiated, the module starts up and enters BLE Advertising Mode.
  • The application on the android device uses BLE to scan for the EVK. After completing a BLE association, the SSID and password are entered on the smartphone app and transferred over BLE to the EVK
  • Then a Wi-Fi connection is initiated. Upon a successful Wi-Fi connection, the app notifies the user and BLE is disconnected. The EVK will continue forward in Wi-Fi only mode.
GUI from InnoPhase’s Download Tool

Getting Started

Purchase a Talaria TWO Evaluation Board of your choice from one of our Distribution Partners.

Login and Download our SDK from our Customer Portal (Registration and signed agreements are required).

Navigate to the /apps/ble_provisioning folder for a binary example application, source code and documentation.

Start making new, incredible products that are cloud-connected and ultra-low power consumption!!

Contact us at if you have questions or need help.

Solution Contents


Talaria TWO EVB-A Board Supported

Custom PCB Reference Hardware Included

Form-Factor Accurate Hardware/Housing Included (Limited Demo Devices Available)


Pre-Compiled Binary Example

Modifiable Source Code (after registration)

Smartphone App for Configuration & Readout (for Wi-Fi Provisioning over BLE)

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