Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Cloud Connectivity Solution

Quickly Connect Your Design to AWS IoT Core Using Ultra-Low Power WiFi:

  • Optimized, pre-validated software package for AWS IoT Core connections
  • Easy integration into existing Hosted designs with AT Commands or custom HAPI Commands over a serial port
  • Hostless option available with complete source code package
  • For use with Talaria TWO EVK development platforms (INP301x) and Modules (INP101x)


Cloud-connectivity has become a major factor behind the enormous growth of IoT devices worldwide. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has established itself as the world’s most popular cloud service platform, and now our Talaria TWO™ solution allows for seamless integration with this leading platform. Powerful cloud services such as AWS, teamed with the arrival of exceptionally low power Wi-Fi and other features such as Alexa-Readiness, are driving whole new categories of edge devices that are untethered from power outlets and network cables. The Talaria TWO™ solution is accelerating this growth by pushing the boundaries of low power Wi-Fi while facilitating low effort product development of these cloud connected devices.

The INP3010 Talaria TWO Wi-Fi+BLE5 evaluation and development kit has been fully validated and qualified in accordance with the AWS Device Qualification Program Guidelines and now is proudly listed in the AWS Partner Device Catalog. This catalog allows AWS partners and customers to have confidence that products “work, connect to and integrate with AWS services and offerings.” The INP3010 kit is also certified as Alexa-Ready, enabling fast development of Alexa-based products that are common on the AWS cloud. The application development kit integrates the award-winning Talaria TWO™ multiprotocol wireless modules, offering the industry’s lowest power Wi-Fi solution and BLE5 for provisioning and diagnostics. The platform combines wireless connectivity, an integrated microcontroller, and advanced security elements for edge-of-network IoT devices requiring low power consumption and a direct-to-cloud connection such as smart locks, doorbells, security sensors, leak detection sensors, and others.

Application Detail

This device is qualified for AWS IoT Core, a complete pre-validated solution for connecting any IoT edge-device using our ultra-low power WiFi to the AWS cloud. Simply input your specific certificates, add the web address for your cloud server and start posting data with minimal effort.

Solutions available for both Hosted (using external MCU) and Hostless (using the embedded Talaria TWO MCU) applications. Source code is available for Hostless designs. Hosted designs communicate with Talaria TWO over SPI or UART messages using either AT Commands or InnoPhase IoT Host-API Commands, specifically ported to STM32L4 for quick integration and development (see STM32L4 + Talaria TWO Solution for more information).

Hardware supported includes all Talaria TWO EVKs (INP3010 / INP3011 / INP3012 / INP3013) for development and Talaria TWO Modules (INP1010 / INP1011 / INP1012 / INP1013). The solutions also contain a Getting Started guide, necessary technical documentation and reference software examples to help get your application connected to the Azure cloud quickly.

Getting Started

Purchase a Talaria TWO Evaluation Board of your choice from one of our Distribution Partners

Login and Download our SDK from our Customer Portal (Registration and signed agreements are required)

Navigate to the /apps/iot_aws folder for a binary example application, source code and documentation

Start making new, incredible products that are cloud-connected and ultra-low power consumption!!

Contact us at if you have questions or need help.

Solution Contents


Talaria TWO EVB-A Board Supported

Custom PCB Reference Hardware Included

Form-Factor Accurate Hardware/Housing Included


Pre-Compiled Binary Example

Modifiable Source Code (after registration)

Smartphone App for Configuration & Readout (for Wi-Fi Provisioning over BLE)

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